X-Rays are an excellent diagnostic tool that can show vital information about your teeth and is part of the dental examination and treatment planning.

The dental X-Ray we use at Ealing Dental Studio are digital and offer the lowest radiation dose for the patient.

The digital X-Ray is the most advanced dental X-Ray as the sensor is placed in the mouth (covered in a disposable sleeve) and the cable connected to the sensor instantly transmits the X-Ray image to the computer, where it is saved in the patient’s file. There is no need therefore for processing chemicals and the results in image quality are consistently accurate.



There are several types of dental X-Ray and the most commonly used are the bitewing and the periapical X-Ray.

Your dentist will explain the need, if any, for taking an X-Ray and will be able to show you on the screen the digital X-Ray and its findings.

Below is an interesting link for dental X-Rays: