Dentures are used to replace multiple teeth and are divided in two main categories, the full denture that replaces a full arch (set) of upper or lower teeth or both when all teeth are missing, and the partial denture that is used when only some teeth are missing. We can now offer full dentures that are supported on implants.

Dentures are designed to replace the teeth and also the surrounding tissues (gums) and have lots of benefits:

  • Eating: The process of eating and chewing is a complex mechanism that involves the teeth, the tongue and soft tissues like cheeks and muscles of chewing. The balance between them is vital in order to be able to chew our food correctly and avoid digestion problems.
  • Speaking: A full set of teeth with the correct position, shape, and dimensions is essential to provide us the ability to pronounce words correctly.
  • Appearance: A denture is designed to replace teeth and gums and in this way it supports the lips and cheeks creating a pleasant profile and a beautiful smile line.

In order to make the dentures perfectly functional and cosmetically attractive, you will be involved in a trial stage in collaboration with your dentist and the lab, until you are satisfied with the result.