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This part of restorative dentistry can be considered as one of the most challenging and rewarding for its results.

Crowns, veneers and bridges are custom made and their purposes vary.

Crowns are used for the following:

  • severely broken teeth that cannot be restored with simple fillings
  • cosmetic solutions when the aesthetic results cannot be met by fillings
  • endodontically treated teeth
  • covers for implants

There are several types of crowns, ranging from bonded porcelain to metal to high quality ceramics and full porcelain (emax, zirconia, gradia).

Veneers are mostly used on the anterior (front) teeth for the following:

  • cosmetically pleasing results in case of broken teeth
  • teeth that are heavily filled or with fillings that cannot be improved cosmetically
  • badly stained teeth (tetracycline staining)
  • or even closing gaps and creating smile lines. (reshaping teeth)

Bridges are used for replacing missing teeth and could be considered as more than one crown bonded together on the existing teeth adjacent to the missing tooth –teeth are prepared suitably for the bridge retainers (supporters).

The missing teeth gaps are closed with the aid of the pontics (the crown part which is sitting just on top of the gum).

There are several types of bridges:

  • Conventional bridges where the supporting teeth need full in-depth preparation, which varies depending on the type of materials used. These include porcelain bonded to metal, emax and zirconia.
  • Maryland bridges which require minimal or no tooth preparation at all.
  • Implant supported bridges, where the role of retainers (supporters) is fulfilled by implants.

At Ealing Dental Studio we are committed to personalising your treatment to your needs and expectations via thorough treatment planning with the maximum possible patient involvement.

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