composite fillings


At Ealing Dental Studio we only offer white filling high quality materials that provide the same strength as the old-type amalgam fillings and are a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. The mercury that is included in the amalgam (dark) fillings has been associated with health issues and is being gradually replaced with composite materials.



Our practice is equipped with amalgam separators that make the drilling and removal of old amalgam fillings safe.

Composite fillings are used to restore decayed or broken teeth or to replace old amalgam fillings, for improved cosmetic effect. The new composite materials provide restorations with the same strength and longevity as the old amalgam materials.

The technique by which composite fillings attach to the tooth surface is called bonding and is mostly chemical, rather than mechanical. Several layers of composite filling materials are used in different shades to match the enamel and dentine of the natural tooth, providing an excellent aesthetic result. Each layer is cured with a blue light to polymerize (harden) the filling and after shaping and polishing, the surface is ready for use, without the need for the patient to wait before eating etc.